While planning modular kitchen don’t confuse with accessories

If you are confused with how to go about getting your own modular kitchen set-up, here we are going to give you important tips related to setting up modular kitchen. When getting a kitchen designed, don’t go by what appears in the store, because that set up is meant to make the kitchen space look good. Ask yourself if it will translate well into your space. Better yet, get a good interior designer to help you out. They can help you get the right blend of beauty and function, within your assigned budget. This is the most basic factor that you should take into consideration. From material like plywood and chipboard, there can be a lot of confusion over what is what. -Wood-free kitchens can be made using alternative material like steel, glass, stone and Corian-. Home and garden Another factor to look at is thickness of the material use and the kind of support system used for the cabinets. You do not want shelves coming unhinged because of excess weight or a child hanging on to it! -Preference should be for high quality than price, as Indian lifestyle demands excessive maintenance of kitchen,- he adds Here’s where the options are plenty and it’s easy to get lost. The first step is to identify your style of usage and then figuring out the best combination. Every type of material has its pros and cons and make sure you are well versed with the one you finally purchase as you do not want to damage your new kitchen. Choose bright colours and you won’t go wrong; after all, the kitchen should be a bright and happy place to be in. There’s no shortage of shades to choose from and you can get the colours you want to match your walls as well. It’s not just about your kitchen being well lit, its also about the working spacing being well lit. Make sure overhead cabinets don’t cast shadows on your workspace on the counter top. If they do, you should consider getting light fixtures installed under the overhead cabinet to specifically light up your workspace. You will be spending time in your kitchen, so it needs to be customized you suit your needs. That includes height of the cabinets and depth of the counter tops. Standard appliances in a kitchen include the sink and the faucet. For sinks, get one with good width and depth so that all your cookware can fit in straight and does not have to be kept angled. With faucets, choose one, which is tall and has a long handle for ease of use. A variety of fixtures are available for specific items of the kitchen, like racks for the knives, plates, utensils, and spoons etc. Don’t forget electrical sockets, as they too can be given special space. Make sure you check the warranty duration, the fine print as well as the warranty for spare parts. Also ensure that you know the material. Get a product card and have a copy attached to your bill. Also remember to check if your kitchen appliances are Eco-friendly Class A appliances (consumes low energy). Don’t forget to get your copy of the instructions manual. Get queries regarding safety, load capacity, flexibility and customer care and support sorted before you sign on the dotted line? And last but not least, you will need to know how to maintain your modular kitchen. Most companies will have a list of recommended products that can be used for cleaning and minor touch up work. Some companies may provide their own brand of products, which you might need to use to make sure you get the best care for your kitchen. To Let Services