Pretend Play Kitchen

imagecontentkitchenLittle kids are in love with pretend play kitchen sets because these call for action oriented plays which challenge the minds of the kids in a number of positive ways. Play kitchen games navigate the growing minds of the young children and involve these young minds in that little world of toys in such a way that they pretend to be their elders and enact their own roles in the kitchen, imitating their elders’ real life activities. Allowing these little growing minds to play in kitchen set ups teaches them the various related causes and effects and builds up self confidence in the process.

There are a number of ways in which these games can made to be more fun filled and the learning process can be made more interesting for the kids. One of the popular plays is grocery shopping. Supply your little one with toys like fruits, vegetables, meats, snacks and possibly all those items which are available in a grocery store. Hand over a shopping bag or a cart to him/her, and ask them to do some grocery shopping for you. You can also participate in the game by acting as the shopkeeper and in the playful way teach your little one, the various simple calculations of purchasing things.

Another interesting setup is the restaurant. Here you can let your kid wear an apron like the chef and allow him/her to take customer order with a paper and pencil. You can playfully teach him/her how to cook the ordered items and show him how to place those items in a presentable manner and serve the guests. Bring in some pretend money too, to teach your child the purchasing and selling of foods in the process. Besides, you can also allow your kid inside your own kitchen with his/her toys. You can arrange a set up with empty bowl and measuring cups and spoons on a high chair. Then you can ask your little one to fill the bowl to a certain measure, empty it, and use the spoons whenever required and so on.

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